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savannah cats for sale
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Golden F4 Savannah Kitten

Adopted - Costa Rica

Golden F5 Savannah Kitten

Adopted - Canada

Golden F5 Savannah Kitten

Adopted - South Carolina

Golden F5 Savannah Kitten

Adopted - Texas

Silver F5 Savannah Kitten

Adopted - Singapore

This big silver F5 male was adopted to start the very FIRST Savannah breeding program in Singapore, and what a stud he is! This gives a good example of what our silver F5 Savannah kittens look like as they get older and come out of their fuzzy kitten stage. He is pictured at just 6 months old on the left with me holding him, and 8 months old on the right in his new home in Singapore.

Golden F3 Savannah Kitten

Adopted - Canada

- Previously Adopted Savannah Kittens -

F5 Savannah kitten - Silver Girl #1


What a beautiful baby girl! I absolutely adore the coloration of our silver Savannah kittens. A rare coloration for us, as we have very few each year, but they are certainly striking in appearance! This baby girl will have inky, bold spotting on a lighter silver base coat which will make her spots POP! I would not hesitate to put her into a quality breeding program as she is stunning, though she would also make an amazing family companion!

**See photos just below of a past silver F5 Savannah adopted by a family in Singapore to get an idea of what I expect this baby girls’ markings and coloration to look like as she gets older.

You can also watch a video of another past full-blooded sibling to these two babies by clicking here...

F5 Savannah cats for sale - Born August 16, 2015
 Savannah Kittens for Sale - F3 Golden Savannah Kittens

F3 Savannah kitten - Golden Boy #4


With a richly golden coat, large ears with prominent ocelli markings, dramatic tear markings, as well as very bold, inky spotting from head to toe, this baby is going to be a stunner! The “lines” down his back are actually spots which will separate as he gets larger. He is GORGEOUS!

F3 Savannah kitten - Golden Girl #1


This baby girl is a beauty! She has outstanding spotting from head to toe, prominent ocelli markings, a beautiful golden coat, wide nose bridge, large ears and triangular shaped face like the African Serval. I just adore her! She would be a great asset to any quality breeding program or a wonderful family companion.