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Golden F3 Savannah kitten - Boy #2


This baby boy has a gorgeous golden coat, bold spotting, and prominent ocelli markings on his large ears. 

Elite Golden F3 Savannah kitten - Girl #1

Adopted - California

What can you say but... “WOW!” I absolutely ADORE this outstanding F3 baby girl. She is the complete package! Beautiful golden coat coloration, inky black spotting from head to toe, tear markings, prominent ocelli markings, and large ears. Absolutely stunning!

Golden F3 Savannah kitten - Girl #2

Adopted - North Dakota

This sweet baby girl has bold, inky black spotting and has a very long body. I expect her to be a big girl like her mother.

Golden F3 Savannah kitten - Girl #3

Adopted - Colorado

The rows of spotting down this baby girls’ back are just beautiful. Make no mistake, the darker coloration down the center of her back will lighten and the rows of spotting will POP! How gorgeous!

savannah kittens for sale
f3 savannah cat for sale

Golden F3 Savannah kitten - Girl #4


She is absolutely stunning with her gorgeous baby face and large ears. She also has beautiful black spotting and hooded eyes.

- Previously Adopted Savannah Kittens -
- Previously Adopted Savannah Kittens -